Haitao Wang

Haitao Wang is a project associate at CGIT. He joined the center in 2014. His specialty includes web mapping, geo-visualization, land use and land cover change, and vegetation dynamics. He has dual efficiencies in both geospatial analysis / programming and environmental application. At CGIT, he is responsible for webGIS application design and development, geospatial data processing and imagery analysis (multispectral, LiDAR, etc.), and data visualization. he has been actively working on projects such as Indian Country Broadband, Global Agriclimate, eXtension GeoHub, and Eastern US Vineyard.

Prior to his position at CGIT, Haitao obtained his M.S in Ecology from Nankai University in China, and M.S in Geography (on Geospatial and Environmental Analysis track) and Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Information Technology from Virginia Tech. He worked at the the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences where he supported various governmental and industrial scientific research projects with data analysis and information technology. His past research projects includes vegetation dynamics and desertification in semi-arid China, multi-temporal vegetation cover mapping in desert city, urban imperviousness estimation, and tropical deforestation. The methods involved include fieldwork, geostatistics, object-oriented image analysis, subpixel impervious surface modeling, and image classification generalization.