The County of Montgomery, the Town of Christiansburg, and the Town of Blacksburg (which includes coverage for the campus of Virginia Tech) seek to improve GIS data sharing and consistency, in order to provide dispatchers with a uniform, seamless map view of the included jurisdictions. These localities currently use ESRI's ArcGIS software (Desktop/Server) to manage their data but do not have a system for merging data between jurisdictions or creating a seamless geodatabase.

This project's primary focus is on the manipulation, standardization, and unification of road centerlines, address building points, and address building polygon datasets from each jurisdiction. CGIT will review current data formats/standards in use at each jurisdiction's GIS department and in each jurisdiction's vendor system. Current and incubating standards at the regional, statewide, and federal levels will also be reviewed to determine the extent to which this project can be aligned with those efforts. A process to successfully merge the separate localities' data into a regional dataset that can be used by all jurisdictions, as well as adjacent localities and the state will be developed.  CGIT will create a computer program or system that automates the process of collecting current data from each jurisdiction, merging the datasets, and then distributing the merged dataset back to each jurisdiction. This program will be installed on Montgomery County's ArcGIS server, where it should run on a scheduled and/or on-demand basis. Depending on the design of the system, it may also be installed on other jurisdiction's servers. CGIT will also select an appropriate distribution method and cartographic display for the regional dataset that will be appropriate for use in mapping displays currently used by dispatchers.