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Center for Geospatial Information Technology

CGIT’s effort garnered approximately $250 million in additional funding

Virginia Tech's Center for Geospatial Information Technology (CGIT) was tapped to refine the state's broadband map, revealing discrepancies with the FCC's national map. Their efforts led to an additional $1.4 billion federal allocation for Virginia, with CGIT's challenge accounting for an estimated $250 million of this increase.

Purple areas on the map are areas that CGIT challenged.

Who we are

Virginia Tech's Center for Geospatial Information Technology (CGIT) collaborates across research, education, and outreach with a transdisciplinary approach, addressing complex problems with geospatial science. Connecting research and operations provides innovative solutions across multiple domains and from local to global scales.

CGIT utilizes extensive knowledge in Geographic Information Systems to provide powerful geospatial tools with an easy to use interface.

What we do

Apply geospatial science to improve quality of life, environment, and community through smart decision making.

Coding Example
Creating decision making tools requires expertise in several programming languages in order to create software to meet the needs of CGIT's clients.

Ut prosim

Our research and development allow us to serve immediate and extended communities by providing our partners and clients with effective tools that allow them to succeed at meeting their goals in a self-sufficient and sustainable manner.