CGIT has become a focal point for Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students who specialize in or use geospatial information technology as part of their research, teaching and learning, and outreach missions.  Geospatial technologies provide an integrative platform for activities in a variety of disciplines; as an interdisciplinary research center, we apply our expertise to a wide array of projects.  Current themes include:

  • Geoinformatics
  • Web mapping
  • 3D modeling and virtual worlds
  • Interoperability and spatial data infrastructures
  • Automation, programming, and systems integration
  • Crowdsourcing and geosynchronization
  • Geodatabase design and data conversion
  • Sensor fusion
  • Remote sensing and digital image processing
  • High performance computing
  • Complex spatial analysis and spatial decision support systems
  • CAD / GIS / BIM convergence and facility management

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620 Drillfield Dr
(2060 Torgersen Hall)
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0702

Phone: (540) 231-8490